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The PSV Circle first 

O54 - published in 1980 - out of print
OF1 - published in 1987 - out of print
OG99 - published in xxxx - out of print
OG199 - published in xxxx - out of print
OG299 - published in 2004 - out of print
OG501 - published in 2010 - copies still available from the PSV Circle (click on button below for details on how to order)

Overseas Journal

Published four times a year, the Overseas Journal lists all the things an "outside of the UK" bus-interested number cruncher could ever want. Malta is one of the countries regularly included, with updates on both the current scene and a summary of details for past vehicles which have now been confirmed.

Available on subscription basis for PSV Circle members, or one-off copies for non-members. Click on the button below for more details.

Overseas Journal