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Active Projects
Photographs and other imagery 
In this section you will find information about our active projects. For many of these we are looking for additional information and help.

You will also find in this section our ORAL HISTORY project. 

Photographs play a cruical part of the work of the Archive. Many people publish their photogrpahs online, whilst others run highly useful sites where they bring together photos from a number of sources. You will find links to online albums here.

Some people prefer not to share their photographs online, and we will try and log who has what material for reference. 
Active Projects
Publication List
Another Section Here 
This section lists known publications that mention Maltese buses. Some are specifically about that topic, whillst others are more general publications, that happen to mention Maltese buses in a news article or other feature.

This list will grow over time as more research in this area is carried out. 
The text for another section will go here.

This is just a holding position...
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This section tells you about the aim of the Archive. This will be expanded and updated as the Archive expands.
For the archive to be a success we need as many people to be involved as possible. If you think you can help in any way (even if it just to supply one photograph, or confirm one fact) please use the Contact Us facility.

​Similarly if you have any questions, please get in touch !
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