About the Archive

To co-ordinate research into all aspects of the Maltese bus industry.

To build relationships with various bodies in Malta to expand our knowledge (inc. Heritage Malta, Transport Malta, Malta Police Photographic Section, Malta National Archive)

To compile a list of who has what knowledge, material and expertise

To help those restoring buses

To log now as much as the past

To log which vehicles still survive (active preservation, long term storage, “wrecks”) 

To aid any future Transport Museum

To log all known publications about Maltese buses, or known articles in more general publications

To record all aspects of the bus industry including:
  • Vehicles
  • Scheduled / Route Buses
  • Unscheduled / Private Hire / Coaches
  • Minibuses (all types)
  • NPSV
  • Preserved
  • Exported outside of Malta
  • Wrecks in fields (past and still current)
  • Horse buses (19thC and WW2)
  • Owners / operators
  • Manufacturers
  • Dealers
  • Routes
  • Maps
  • Tickets
  • Fares
  • Timetables
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Modelling

To launch an “oral history” project. People who worked in the industry (any of the above areas), or whose parents did – interview them recording the answers for future reference. These interviews will probably need to be done in Maltese, so will need to be carried out by a group of volunteer locals. Every day we lose people who could be interviewed – their knowledge and experiences lost for ever.

To trace records that have not currently been examined (do the Traffic Control Board files still exist ?   What other bus related photos did Richard Ellis take in the early part of the 20thC ?  What stories / photos are contained in old copies of newspapers (the online Times of Malta archive has been partially examined – but what about the Maltese language newspapers ?)